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2003-09-26 - 1:03 p.m.Volcanocam

Now I didnít mind that my husband brought home a cute little fur ball, handed it to me and said: ďI brought you home a kitten honey,Ē and didnít bother to tell me it was covered in axle grease and I had a nice light colored sweater on. He saved the kitten, and I saved the sweater.

I didnít mind when I knew I would be the soul care taker of the little ball of fur, he would play with her and enjoy her; but I would care, feed, worry, and do the potty box thing on top of enjoying her.

I was a little scared when every morning for a while I would open my eyes and see the cute little ball of fur hanging off the curtains above my head . . . . after all she has never torn the curtain nor has she dropped down on my head to wake me up.

I didnít mind when she peed all over me at the vet, I mean after all she was only 10 weeks old and very scared. I being her care taker had to hold her while the one who saved her life stood back and watched.

I didnít mind when she developed the annoying habit of digging on the plastic wall outside her potty box, at 2 am, for no apparent reason, for about 5 minutes straight . . . waking me up. Sheís young, and cats can be weird animals; and I can sleep through it now.

I didnít mind when she started racing around the house as if she was a NASCAR driver crashing into walls and things and then kicking it up to mock speed to where I believe she is the spawn of the devil. After all she has never broken anything and I am getting pretty good a dodge-the-kitten-ball; and I can still hire a priest.

I didnít mind too much when the one who saved the ball of furís life started playing with it with his hands under the blanketís and there for causing any movement under said blankets a reason to pounce, claw, and bite on. She doesnít know any better, so I punch my husband in the arm, tell him to knock it off, and I gently put the devil spawn on the floor as she it bitting and clawing me.

But now I have become a female antelope walking through my urban savanna. I graze and clean and do all those things need to take care of my herd . . .

And my problem is this lioness cub fly's through the air all four paws with outstretched claws to TAKE ME DOWN regularly. Like I said I am getting good at dodge-the- kitten-ball. So she misses her kill and runs off tail all fluffed out to try again. I continue my work until I have the lioness wrapped around my ankle, claws out, bitting at my tendon, when I realize she is trying to bring me down so her can go for my throat and make her kill! The thought is some what disturbing as she has returned to her roots of primitiveness even though she is so far removed from it. I simply detach her from my ankle and put her in isolation and leave her there, alone, until I donít hear and thing crashing to the ground or claw sounds sliding down the walls. Now I know why antelopes can be so scared up. My husband thinks this is funny.

thatís ok because every night I get my revenge, and I donít have to do a thing. You see the male antelope of the heard has a habit that he just canít seem to break. Every night he lies down to sleep, he spreads his legs wide, reaches under the blankets and starts airing and scratching his nuts. Yes, you got it! At first he though this was funny, the cut little ball of fur pouncing on him, but last night I herd, ďDamn that hurt, sheís put on some weight and gotten stronger! Stop that! Stop that!Ē I just smiled in the dark and waited for them to work it out, then the lovely little fur ball strolled up to the side of my pillow, very pleased with herself, as she does every night, lies down with her front paws and head on my arm and purred me into contented sleep.


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