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2006-03-20 - 2:16 p.m.Volcanocam

I'm alive, I'm well.... well I do have the tummy flu that Bridget had all last week, but other then that I am okay. I have to be checked every six months now, but the bad peice was taken from my vaginal wall and no other ones were found.

I don't get on line much now, and am not so intrested in it either. I did not renew my gold membership. You see now that I don't have the voices in my head I am enjoying life way more and trying to figure out who I am with out them! Sounds funny I know, but when your whole last 40 some years have been built around something that you now longer have, it's a big change and a little stressful at times. Have to unlearn some behaviors and do a lot of exploring inside. I guess in a way now I can be the person I am, that I did not know at all, so it's is going to be real interesting finding me! Hugs to you all!




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